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Summer Citrus

Posted by: Jesselli Couture Posted Date: 07/29/2015

 BUCO Summer Citrus

Tangerine is a little more saturated than straight-up orange and is the perfect, sassy shade to mix with other summer brights like refreshing yellow.  Like the warmness of the sun, citrus shades convey a powerful energy and evoke memories of fun summer days.
Known for beautiful, bold brights, BUCO has a limited number of lightweight summer totes and handbags remaining in fun citrus shades.  With a month left to go, you still have plenty of time to flaunt a new carry-all on the beach or at the pool.  Shop our featured Diamond Tote andCork Clutch now or visit for more summer must-haves!

Garden of Delights

Posted by: Jesselli Couture Posted Date: 07/22/2015

BUCO Urban Garden                             PETAL POWER

Blooms and buds continue to flourish on clothing and accessories this season.  Taking on a bolder more artistic look, designers are forgoing traditional, feminine florals for fanciful water color patterns.  Adding a classic tote bag or a pair of flirty, wedges is the perfect way to embrace this trend without having to go floral from head-to-toe. 

As always BUCO is right on trend, offering a fresh take on this feminine look with the brand'slimited edition Leather Flower Tote.  This classic carry-all with a twist will easily take you from the beach to the office and is just so much more fun than basic black! 
Shop this style now, at

Ready, Set, Chill...

Posted by: Jesselli Couture Posted Date: 07/07/2015

 BUCO Beachy Keen


It's no surprise that women LOVE Oprah, so we looked to O, The Oprah Magazine for a little summer inspiration this week.  With summer officially in full swing, it's important that we all take a little time to stop and smell the roses or, in this case, to stop and put our tootsies in the sand.  It is ironic that feeling free and easy can seem like the hardest task in the world, but luckily Miss Oprah and her staff took some time to show us how to achieve calm and to take some time for ourselves this month. We've included a few of our favorite featured relaxation techniques below.  

1) EMBRACE ACTIVE RECOVERY DAYS - "Doing something fun, but not regimented can help you get back into the flow of things.  No rushing, no schedule...just plenty of snacks and leisurely meals - think vacation behavior.  It refills the well for the week ahead."

2) FIND INSPIRATION WITHOUT SEEKING PERFECTION - "Forsake doing things flawlessly and instead just do them - for the joy of learning something new, for the pleasure of thinking with your hands, and for the sweet delight of merely trying."

3) TENSION-FREE TRAVEL - "Next time you find yourself stopped on the road or stuck on a train, decide it's a chance to sit for a while and placidly stare at scenery, a pastoral view, your fellow travelers and wonder.  Just remember, the boring get bored; the rest find their way - to reverie, fantasy, a menatl soiree."

4) WANDER THE AISLES - "Feeling overwhelmed? Rejuvenate yourself with a trip to the grocery store.  It's clean, bright and organized."

5) ENJOY A LIP LOCK OR SNUGGLE - "Smooches and warm embraces spark positive vibes for a reason - both transmit relaxing messages to the brain.  Research shows that frequent X's and O's may also lower stress levels and blood pressure."

If you are like us at BUCO, we visit our peaceful place through a little retail therapy!  If shopping makes you serene, you can score our featured "Beachy Keen" Terry Tote, here. Or shop our selection of carefree summer totes now, at

Trending For Summer: Boho Chic, Straw Bags

Posted by: Jesselli Couture Posted Date: 07/02/2015


BUCO Boho Straw


Straw bags are having a major comeback in fashion courtesy of the 70's fashion trend that is so hot right now. With the relaxed summer look on the rise, it's actually no surprise these bags could become the IT BAGS of summer. They embody everything the hot season is about. They're cool and trendy but vintage, they're super versatile, can be designed in tons and tons of styles (big, small, clutches, handbags, for evening, for beach, for work). Straws may be the epitome of casual bohemian, BUT the fabric can be styled in a million ways and actually look great clashed with any outfits. shop our selection of straw bags now, at



Posted by: Jesselli Couture Posted Date: 06/23/2015





Laser Cut Summer Trend

Sometimes LESS is MORE! This is definitely the case when it comes to summer's hottest trends - laser cut and cutaway swimwear. Women of all shapes and sizes are falling in love, sporting this chic look on everything from minimalistic one-pieces to bikinis with flutter tops.  "It's a nice option if you'd like to expose less, but still feel feminine and sexy," explains Tomoko Ogura, Senior Fashion Director at Barneys New York.

How To Laser Cut Trend
Swimwear designers are not the only ones embracing this look...BUCO has been the leader in the handbag industry when it comes to laser cut looks since the beginning.  From feminine lace to sporty perforated patterns, our bags will be the perfect complement to your warm weather style.   "Dive in" to this hot trend and shop our signature laser cut styles at

Wear Pink Without Looking Like A Princess...

Posted by: Jesselli Couture Posted Date: 06/08/2015

 Sophisticated Pink

While this sincerely sweet color often crops up in designer collections and in the wardrobes of savvy celebrities , it can so easily veer into Barbie territory if worn the wrong way.  Lucky for you (and for us!), pink is a universally flattering color if you find the right shade.  Here are 5 EASY WAY TO LOOK PRETTY IN PINK WITHOUT LOOKING LIKE A PRINCESS...

1)Mix Pink With Menswear - Nothing ads edge to soft pink like a few masculine details. 2) Choose Your Shade Wisely - Dusty rose reads subtle, while radiant orchid is a little trendier and more daring. 3) Add Leather - A chic moto jacket is the perfect way to add a little toughness to a soft pink ensemble.  4) Wear Pink With Neutrals - Toning down a vibrant pink top with a navy, black or beige pencil skirt adds a professional element to your ensemble. 5) Use Pink As An Accent - Afraid to commit to this girly color from head-to-toe?  Incorporate the shade into your outfit with fun accessories like a patent handbag or a vibrant scarf.

A Modern Twist...

Posted by: Jesselli Couture Posted Date: 06/04/2015

 Lady-Like Lace


However, designers and fashionistas have been coming up with some cool, experimental ways to wear it. There are definitely some neat tricks to making lace feel new and modern and edgy.  1) Lace should never feel matronly, 2) Don't try to make your outfit look too perfect, 3) Mixing sweet and edgy elements creates a unique balance and an original "street style."

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